Portrait Drawing

This class is designed to advance and enhance your knowledge, approach and skills related to the portrait.  We will be working from various reference sources i.e. live model and anatomy references.  This course will be geared toward creating completed works.

This course is not geared toward learning a new medium. Please choose mediums that you are familiar with.  I would encourage you to purchase quality drawing papers if you do not already own them.

Suggested materials list:

  • Large newsprint pad
  • Board large enough for your largest paper
  • 2 Bull Clips
  • Charcoal and or Conte’ or familiar medium.
  • Kneadable eraser
  • Gum Eraser
  • Drawing paper(s) (Strathmore, BK Rives) mid tone gray or white
  • Other mediums with which you are familiar i.e. watercolors.

I would ask that participants be early to each session and be ready to begin drawing so that we may maximize our time and effort at each session.

The Focus:

  • Rendering light and shadow as related to form
  • Spatial depth, composition and aesthetic
  • Time management
  • Achieving impact
  • Attaining likeness


October 15 – December 10, 2018


9:00 am – 12:00 pm


8 Sessions



Available Spaces


Rubero Ostberg Gallery - 2108 18 Street NW


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